April 1st All Events

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April 1st, 2007 (April 01 2007)DeathHerb Carneal, American sports broadcaster (born in 1923)
April 1st, 2006 (April 01 2006)EventThe Serious Organised Crime Agency, dubbed the British FBI , is created in the United Kingdom.
April 1st, 2006 (April 01 2006)DeathIn Tam, Cambodian politician (born in 1916)
April 1st, 2005 (April 01 2005)DeathAlexander Brott, Canadian violinist and composer (born in 1915)
April 1st, 2005 (April 01 2005)DeathHarald Juhnke, German entertainer (born in 1929)
April 1st, 2005 (April 01 2005)DeathJack Keller, American songwriter (born in 1936)
April 1st, 2005 (April 01 2005)DeathIoannis Kyrastas, Greek footballer and manager (born in 1952)
April 1st, 2005 (April 01 2005)DeathRobert Coldwell Wood, American educator (born in 1923)
April 1st, 2004 (April 01 2004)EventGoogle introduces its Gmail product to the public. The launch is met with scepticism on account of the launch date.
April 1st, 2004 (April 01 2004)DeathCarrie Snodgress, American actress (born in 1946)
April 1st, 2004 (April 01 2004)DeathNilo Soruco, Bolivian songwriter (born in 1927)
April 1st, 2003 (April 01 2003)DeathLeslie Cheung, Hong Kong actor and singer (born in 1956)
April 1st, 2002 (April 01 2002)EventThe Netherlands legalizes euthanasia, becoming the first nation in the world to do so.
April 1st, 2002 (April 01 2002)DeathSimo Hayha, Finnish marksman (born in 1905)
April 1st, 2001 (April 01 2001)EventAn EP-3E United States Navy plane collides with a Chinese People s Liberation Army fighter jet. The Navy crew makes an emergency landing in Hainan, People s Republic of China and is detainedied in See Hainan Island incident.
April 1st, 2001 (April 01 2001)EventFormer president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic surrenders to police special forces, to be tried on charges of war crimes.
April 1st, 2001 (April 01 2001)EventSame-sex marriage becomes legal in the Netherlands, which is the first country to allow it.
April 1st, 2001 (April 01 2001)DeathOlivia Barclay, British astrologer (born in 1919)
April 1st, 2001 (April 01 2001)DeathJo-Jo Moore, American baseball player (born in 1908)
April 1st, 2001 (April 01 2001)DeathTrinh Cong Son, Vietnamese composer (born in 1939)
April 1st, 2000 (April 01 2000)DeathAlexander Mackenzie Stuart, Baron Mackenzie-Stuart, Scottish jurist (born in 1924)
April 1st, 1999 (April 01 1999)EventNunavut is established as a Canadian territory carved out of the eastern part of the Northwest Territories.
April 1st, 1999 (April 01 1999)DeathJesse Stone, American record producer (born in 1901)
April 1st, 1998 (April 01 1998)DeathGene Evans, American actor (born in 1922) Evans Quotes
April 1st, 1998 (April 01 1998)DeathRozz Williams, American musician (Christian Death) (born in 1963)
April 1st, 1997 (April 01 1997)DeathNorman Carr, British conservationist (born in 1912)
April 1st, 1996 (April 01 1996)EventThe Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia is created.
April 1st, 1996 (April 01 1996)DeathFlorence Buchsbaum, French theater director (born in 1926)
April 1st, 1996 (April 01 1996)DeathJohn McSherry, American baseball umpire (born in 1944)
April 1st, 1994 (April 01 1994)DeathRobert Doisneau, French photographer (born in 1912)
April 1st, 1993 (April 01 1993)DeathAlan Kulwicki, American race car driver (born in 1954)
April 1st, 1991 (April 01 1991)DeathMartha Graham, American dancer and choreographer (born in 1894)
April 1st, 1991 (April 01 1991)DeathJaime Guzman, Chilean politician (b.1946)
April 1st, 1989 (April 01 1989)EventMargaret Thatcher s new local government tax, the Community Charge (commonly known as the poll tax ), is introduced in Scotland.Margaret Thatcher Quotes
April 1st, 1989 (April 01 1989)BirthVietoris Krisztian, German racecar driver
April 1st, 1988 (April 01 1988)BirthCourtney McCool, American gymnast
April 1st, 1988 (April 01 1988)BirthBrook Lopez, American basketball player
April 1st, 1988 (April 01 1988)BirthRobin Lopez, American basketball player
April 1st, 1988 (April 01 1988)DeathJim Jordan, American actor (Fibber McGee) (born in 1896)
April 1st, 1987 (April 01 1987)BirthDing Junhui, Chinese snooker player
April 1st, 1987 (April 01 1987)BirthLi Ting, Chinese diver
April 1st, 1986 (April 01 1986)BirthIreen Wust, Dutch speed skater
April 1st, 1986 (April 01 1986)DeathErik Bruhn, Danish ballet dancer, choreographer (born in 1928)
April 1st, 1985 (April 01 1985)BirthJosh Zuckerman, American actor
April 1st, 1985 (April 01 1985)DeathDouglass Wallop, American novelist and playwright (born in 1920)
April 1st, 1984 (April 01 1984)BirthGilberto Macena, Brazilian footballer
April 1st, 1984 (April 01 1984)BirthOlga Rei, Russian television personality
April 1st, 1984 (April 01 1984)DeathMarvin Gaye, American singer (born in 1939)Marvin Gaye Quotes
April 1st, 1983 (April 01 1983)BirthOlafur Ingi Skulason, Icelandic footballer
April 1st, 1983 (April 01 1983)BirthSean Taylor, American football player (died in 2007)
April 1st, 1983 (April 01 1983)BirthMatt Lanter, American actor and model
April 1st, 1982 (April 01 1982)BirthSam Huntington, American actor
April 1st, 1982 (April 01 1982)BirthGemma Hunt, British children s television presenter
April 1st, 1982 (April 01 1982)BirthTaran Killam, American comedian and actor
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)EventDaylight saving time is introduced in the USSR.
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)BirthAntonis Fotsis, Greek basketball player
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)BirthHannah Spearritt, British singer
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)BirthPieter Weening, Dutch cyclist
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)BirthAimee Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2006
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)BirthBjoern Einar Romoeren, Norwegian skijumper
April 1st, 1981 (April 01 1981)DeathEua Sunthornsanan, Thai composer and bandleader (born in 1910)
April 1st, 1980 (April 01 1980)EventNew York City s Transit Worker Union 100 begins a strike lasting 11 days.
April 1st, 1980 (April 01 1980)BirthRandy Orton, American professional wrestler
April 1st, 1980 (April 01 1980)BirthBijou Phillips, American actress
April 1st, 1980 (April 01 1980)BirthYuko Takeuchi, Japanese actress
April 1st, 1979 (April 01 1979)EventIran s government becomes an Islamic Republic by a 98% vote, officially overthrowing the Shah.
April 1st, 1979 (April 01 1979)BirthIvano Balic, Croatian handballer
April 1st, 1979 (April 01 1979)DeathBruno Coquatrix, French music impresario (born in 1910)
April 1st, 1979 (April 01 1979)DeathBarbara Luddy, American actress (born in 1908)
April 1st, 1978 (April 01 1978)EventPhilippine College of Commerce, through a presidential decree, becomes the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
April 1st, 1978 (April 01 1978)BirthJean-Pierre Dumont, Canadian ice hockey player
April 1st, 1978 (April 01 1978)BirthMiroslava Vavrinec, Swiss tennis player
April 1st, 1977 (April 01 1977)BirthHaimar Zubeldia, Spanish cyclist
April 1st, 1976 (April 01 1976)EventApple Computer is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.Steve Wozniak Quotes
April 1st, 1976 (April 01 1976)EventConrail takes over operations from six bankrupt railroads in the northeastern U.S..
April 1st, 1976 (April 01 1976)EventJovian-Plutonian gravitational effect is first reported by the astronomer Patrick Moore.
April 1st, 1976 (April 01 1976)BirthDavid Oyelowo, English-Nigerian actorDavid Low Quotes
April 1st, 1976 (April 01 1976)DeathMax Ernst, German artist (born in 1891)
April 1st, 1975 (April 01 1975)BirthGeorge Bastl, Swiss tennis player
April 1st, 1975 (April 01 1975)BirthJohn Butler, Australian singer and musician
April 1st, 1974 (April 01 1974)EventIn the United Kingdom, the Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties come into being.
April 1st, 1974 (April 01 1974)BirthRichard Christy, American drummer
April 1st, 1974 (April 01 1974)BirthHugo Benjamin Ibarra, Argentine footballerHugo Ball Quotes
April 1st, 1974 (April 01 1974)BirthSandra Volker, German swimmer
April 1st, 1973 (April 01 1973)EventProject Tiger, a tiger conservation project, is launched in the Corbett National Park, India.
April 1st, 1973 (April 01 1973)BirthChristian Finnegan, American comedian
April 1st, 1973 (April 01 1973)BirthStephen Fleming, New Zealand cricketer
April 1st, 1973 (April 01 1973)BirthRachel Maddow, American radio personality and political analyst
April 1st, 1973 (April 01 1973)BirthJoe Francis, American adult video producer
April 1st, 1972 (April 01 1972)BirthAllen and Albert Hughes, American film directors
April 1st, 1972 (April 01 1972)BirthDarren McCarty, Canadian ice hockey player
April 1st, 1972 (April 01 1972)BirthJesse Tobias, American musician
April 1st, 1971 (April 01 1971)BirthMethod Man, American rapper
April 1st, 1971 (April 01 1971)BirthJessica Collins, American actress
April 1st, 1971 (April 01 1971)BirthLachy Hulme, Australian actor and screenwriter
April 1st, 1971 (April 01 1971)BirthShinji Nakano, Japanese race car driver
April 1st, 1970 (April 01 1970)EventPresident Richard Nixon signs the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act into law, requiring the Surgeon General s warnings on tobacco products and banning cigarette advertisements on television and radio in the United States starting on January 1, 1971.
April 1st, 1970 (April 01 1970)BirthSung Hi Lee, Korean-born model
April 1st, 1969 (April 01 1969)EventThe Hawker Siddeley Harrier enters service with the RAF.
April 1st, 1969 (April 01 1969)BirthFadl Shaker, Lebanese singer
April 1st, 1968 (April 01 1968)BirthAndreas Schnaas, German horror film director
April 1st, 1968 (April 01 1968)BirthJulia Boutros, Lebanese singer
April 1st, 1968 (April 01 1968)DeathLev Davidovich Landau, Russian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1908)
April 1st, 1967 (April 01 1967)EventThe United States Department of Transportation begins operation.
April 1st, 1967 (April 01 1967)BirthPhil Demmel, American musician
April 1st, 1966 (April 01 1966)BirthChris Evans, English disc jockey Evans Quotes
April 1st, 1966 (April 01 1966)DeathFlann O Brien, Irish humorist (born in 1911)
April 1st, 1965 (April 01 1965)BirthMark Jackson, American basketball player
April 1st, 1965 (April 01 1965)BirthRobert Steadman, English composer
April 1st, 1965 (April 01 1965)DeathHelena Rubinstein, Polish-born American cosmetics manufacturer (born in 1870)
April 1st, 1964 (April 01 1964)BirthErik Breukink, Dutch cyclist and manager
April 1st, 1964 (April 01 1964)BirthScott Stevens, Canadian ice hockey player
April 1st, 1962 (April 01 1962)BirthDave Ulliott, English poker player
April 1st, 1962 (April 01 1962)BirthSamboy Lim, Filipino basketball player
April 1st, 1960 (April 01 1960)BirthMichael Praed, British actor
April 1st, 1958 (April 01 1958)BirthD. Boon, American musician died in (1985)
April 1st, 1957 (April 01 1957)BirthDavid Gower, English cricketer
April 1st, 1955 (April 01 1955)EventThe EOKA rebellion against The Brtish Empire starts in Cyprus, with the goal of obtaining the desired unification ("enosis") with Greece.
April 1st, 1955 (April 01 1955)BirthGregg Jarrett, American television anchor
April 1st, 1955 (April 01 1955)BirthHumayun Akhtar Khan, Pakistani statesman
April 1st, 1954 (April 01 1954)EventPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower authorizes the creation of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
April 1st, 1954 (April 01 1954)BirthJeff Porcaro, American drummer (died in 1992)
April 1st, 1953 (April 01 1953)BirthBarry Sonnenfeld, producer and director
April 1st, 1952 (April 01 1952)BirthAnnette O Toole, American actress
April 1st, 1952 (April 01 1952)BirthBernard Stiegler, French philosopher Philo Quotes
April 1st, 1951 (April 01 1951)BirthJohn Philip Abizaid, U.S. Army General, former CENTCOM commander
April 1st, 1950 (April 01 1950)BirthSamuel Alito, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
April 1st, 1950 (April 01 1950)DeathCharles R. Drew, American physician (born in 1904)
April 1st, 1949 (April 01 1949)EventChinese Civil War: Communist Party of China holds unsuccessful peace talks with the Kuomintang in Beijing, after three years of fighting.
April 1st, 1949 (April 01 1949)EventThe twenty-six counties of the Irish Free State become the Republic of Ireland.
April 1st, 1949 (April 01 1949)BirthGerard Mestrallet, French businessman
April 1st, 1949 (April 01 1949)BirthSammy Nelson, Northern Irish footballer
April 1st, 1949 (April 01 1949)BirthGil Scott-Heron, American musician and composer
April 1st, 1948 (April 01 1948)EventCold War: Berlin AirliftMilitary forces, under direction of the Soviet-controlled government in East Germany, set-up a land blockade of West Berlin.
April 1st, 1948 (April 01 1948)EventFaroe Islands receive autonomy from Denmark.
April 1st, 1948 (April 01 1948)BirthJimmy Cliff, Jamaican musician
April 1st, 1947 (April 01 1947)BirthAlain Connes, French mathematician
April 1st, 1947 (April 01 1947)BirthM, English singer
April 1st, 1947 (April 01 1947)BirthNorm Van Lier, American basketball player
April 1st, 1947 (April 01 1947)DeathKing George II of Greece (born in 1890)
April 1st, 1946 (April 01 1946)EventAleutian Island earthquake: A 7.8 magnitude earthquake near the Aleutian Islands creates a tsunami that strikes the Hawaiian Islands killing 159 (mostly in Hilo, Hawaii).
April 1st, 1946 (April 01 1946)EventFormation of the Malayan Union.
April 1st, 1946 (April 01 1946)BirthRonnie Lane, English musician (died in 1997)
April 1st, 1946 (April 01 1946)BirthArrigo Sacchi, Italian football coach
April 1st, 1946 (April 01 1946)DeathNoah Beery, American actor (born in 1882)
April 1st, 1945 (April 01 1945)EventWorld War II: Operation IcebergUnited States troops land on Okinawa in the last campaign of the war.
April 1st, 1945 (April 01 1945)BirthJohn Barbata, American drummer
April 1st, 1944 (April 01 1944)EventAccidental American bombing of the Swiss city of Schaffhausen. The bombers were lost.
April 1st, 1944 (April 01 1944)BirthRusty Staub, American baseball player
April 1st, 1942 (April 01 1942)BirthSamuel R. Delany, American author
April 1st, 1942 (April 01 1942)BirthAnnie Nightingale, British disc jockey
April 1st, 1941 (April 01 1941)EventThe Blockade Runner Badge for German navy is instituted.
April 1st, 1940 (April 01 1940)BirthWangari Maathai, Kenyan environmentalist, recipient of the Nobel Peace PrizeWangari Maathai Quotes
April 1st, 1939 (April 01 1939)EventGeneralisimo Francisco Franco of the Spanish State announces the end of the Spanish Civil War, when the last of the Republican forces surrender.
April 1st, 1939 (April 01 1939)BirthPhil Niekro, American baseball player
April 1st, 1939 (April 01 1939)BirthRudolph Isley, American singer
April 1st, 1938 (April 01 1938)BirthAli MacGraw, American actress
April 1st, 1938 (April 01 1938)BirthJohn Quade, American actor
April 1st, 1937 (April 01 1937)EventAden becomes a British crown colony.
April 1st, 1936 (April 01 1936)EventOrissa Formerly known as Kalinga or Utkal became a state in India.
April 1st, 1936 (April 01 1936)BirthJean-Pascal Delamuraz, Swiss politician, president of the Confederation in 1989 and 1996 (died in 1998)
April 1st, 1935 (April 01 1935)BirthLarry McDonald, American politician (died in 1983)
April 1st, 1934 (April 01 1934)BirthDon Hastings, American actor
April 1st, 1934 (April 01 1934)BirthRod Kanehl, American baseball player (died in 2004)
April 1st, 1934 (April 01 1934)BirthVladimir Posner, Russian journalist
April 1st, 1933 (April 01 1933)EventThe recently elected Nazis under Julius Streicher organize a one-day boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses in Germany, ushering in the series of anti-Semitic acts that will gradually, yet ultimately lead to the Holocaust.Julius Streicher Quotes
April 1st, 1933 (April 01 1933)BirthClaude Cohen-Tannoudji, French physicist, Nobel laureate
April 1st, 1933 (April 01 1933)BirthDan Flavin, American artist (died in 1996)
April 1st, 1932 (April 01 1932)BirthGordon Jump, American actor (died in 2003)
April 1st, 1932 (April 01 1932)BirthDebbie Reynolds, American actress
April 1st, 1931 (April 01 1931)BirthRolf Hochhuth, German writer
April 1st, 1931 (April 01 1931)BirthIta Ever, Estonian actress
April 1st, 1930 (April 01 1930)BirthGrace Lee Whitney, American actress
April 1st, 1930 (April 01 1930)DeathCosima Wagner, daughter of Franz Liszt and wife of Richard Wagner (born in 1837)Richard Wagner Quotes
April 1st, 1929 (April 01 1929)BirthMilan Kundera, Czech-born writerMilan Kundera Quotes
April 1st, 1929 (April 01 1929)BirthPayut Ngaokrachang, Thai animator
April 1st, 1929 (April 01 1929)BirthJane Powell, American dancer, actress, and singer
April 1st, 1929 (April 01 1929)BirthBo Schembechler, American football coach (died in 2006)
April 1st, 1928 (April 01 1928)BirthGeorge Grizzard, American actor (died in 2007)
April 1st, 1927 (April 01 1927)BirthAmos Milburn, American pianist (died in 1980)
April 1st, 1926 (April 01 1926)BirthCharles Bressler, American tenor
April 1st, 1926 (April 01 1926)BirthAnne McCaffrey, American author
April 1st, 1924 (April 01 1924)EventAdolf Hitler is sentenced to five years in jail for his participation in the "Beer Hall Putsch". However, he spends only nine months in jail, during which he writes the book Mein Kampf.Adolf Hitler Quotes
April 1st, 1924 (April 01 1924)EventFirst revenue flight for Belgium s Sabena Airlines
April 1st, 1924 (April 01 1924)EventThe Royal Canadian Air Force is formed.
April 1st, 1924 (April 01 1924)BirthBrendan Byrne, Governor of New Jersey
April 1st, 1924 (April 01 1924)BirthMiodrag Petrovic, Serbian actor (died in 2003)
April 1st, 1922 (April 01 1922)BirthWilliam Manchester, American historian (died in 2004)William Manchester Quotes
April 1st, 1922 (April 01 1922)DeathEmperor Karl I of Austria (born in 1887)
April 1st, 1921 (April 01 1921)BirthKen Reardon, Canadian ice hockey player
April 1st, 1920 (April 01 1920)BirthToshiro Mifune, Japanese actor (died in 1997)
April 1st, 1919 (April 01 1919)BirthJoseph Murray, American surgeon, Nobel laureate
April 1st, 1918 (April 01 1918)EventThe Royal Air Force is created by merging the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.
April 1st, 1917 (April 01 1917)BirthMelville Shavelson, American film director, producer and screenwriter (died in 2007)
April 1st, 1917 (April 01 1917)DeathScott Joplin, American musician and composer (born in 1868)
April 1st, 1915 (April 01 1915)BirthOtto Wilhelm Fischer, Austrian actor (died in 2004)
April 1st, 1914 (April 01 1914)BirthLor Tok, Thai comedian and actor (died in 2002)
April 1st, 1914 (April 01 1914)DeathRube Waddell, American baseball player (born in 1876)
April 1st, 1912 (April 01 1912)EventThe Greek athlete Konstantinos Tsiklitiras breaks the world record -in standing long jump jumping 3.47 meters.
April 1st, 1909 (April 01 1909)BirthEddy Duchin, American popular pianist & bandleader (died in 1951)
April 1st, 1908 (April 01 1908)BirthAbraham Maslow, American psychologist (died in 1970)Abraham Maslow Quotes
April 1st, 1906 (April 01 1906)BirthAleksandr Yakovlev, Russian engineer and aeroplane designer (died in 1989)
April 1st, 1902 (April 01 1902)BirthMaria Polydouri, Greek poet (died in 1930)
April 1st, 1901 (April 01 1901)BirthWhittaker Chambers, American writer, editor, and defector (died in 1961)
April 1st, 1900 (April 01 1900)BirthRobert McDowell, Mayor of Maryborough, Queensland (died in 1988)
April 1st, 1899 (April 01 1899)BirthGustavs Celmins, Latvian politician (died in 1968)
April 1st, 1898 (April 01 1898)BirthWilliam James Sidis, American genius (died in 1944)William James Quotes
April 1st, 1897 (April 01 1897)BirthNita Naldi, American actress (died in 1961)
April 1st, 1895 (April 01 1895)BirthAlberta Hunter, American singer (died in 1984)
April 1st, 1893 (April 01 1893)BirthCicely Courtneidge, English actress and comedian (died in 1980)
April 1st, 1891 (April 01 1891)EventThe Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago, Illinois.
April 1st, 1890 (April 01 1890)DeathDavid Wilber, American politician (born in 1820)
April 1st, 1885 (April 01 1885)BirthWallace Beery, American actor (died in 1949)
April 1st, 1883 (April 01 1883)BirthLon Chaney, Sr., American actor (died in 1930)
April 1st, 1882 (April 01 1882)BirthPaul Anspach, Belgian Olympic champion fencer (died in 1991)
April 1st, 1880 (April 01 1880)BirthAgha Petros, Assyrian general (died in 1932)
April 1st, 1878 (April 01 1878)DeathJohn Corry Wilson Daly, Canadian politician (born in 1796)
April 1st, 1875 (April 01 1875)BirthEdgar Wallace, English writer (died in 1932)Edgar Wallace Quotes
April 1st, 1873 (April 01 1873)EventThe British steamer SS Atlantic sinks off Nova Scotia, killing 547.
April 1st, 1872 (April 01 1872)DeathFrederick Maurice, English theologian (born in 1805)
April 1st, 1872 (April 01 1872)DeathWilliam Frederick Horry, English convicted murderer (born in 1843)
April 1st, 1868 (April 01 1868)BirthEdmond Rostand, French dramatist (died in 1918)
April 1st, 1867 (April 01 1867)EventSingapore becomes a British crown colony.
April 1st, 1866 (April 01 1866)BirthFerruccio Busoni, Italian pianist and composer (died in 1924)
April 1st, 1865 (April 01 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Five ForksIn Siege of Petersburg, Confederate General Robert E. Lee begins his final offensive.
April 1st, 1865 (April 01 1865)BirthRichard Adolf Zsigmondy, Austrian-born chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1929)
April 1st, 1865 (April 01 1865)DeathGiuditta Pasta, Italian soprano (born in 1797)
April 1st, 1857 (April 01 1857)EventHerman Melville publishes The Confidence-Man.Herman Melville Quotes
April 1st, 1856 (April 01 1856)BirthAcacio Gabriel Viegas, Indian physician (died in 1933)
April 1st, 1854 (April 01 1854)EventHard Times begins serialisation in Charles Dickens magazine, Household Words.Charles Dickens Quotes
April 1st, 1854 (April 01 1854)BirthBill Traylor, American artist (died in 1949)
April 1st, 1839 (April 01 1839)DeathBenjamin Pierce, American politician (born in 1757)
April 1st, 1834 (April 01 1834)BirthBig Jim Fisk, American entrepreneur (died in 1872)
April 1st, 1826 (April 01 1826)EventSamuel Morey patents the internal combustion engine.
April 1st, 1815 (April 01 1815)BirthOtto von Bismarck, 1st Chancellor of Germany (died in 1898)
April 1st, 1815 (April 01 1815)BirthEdward Clark, Governor of Texas (died in 1880)
April 1st, 1791 (April 01 1791)DeathRichard Butler American soldier (born in 1743)
April 1st, 1789 (April 01 1789)EventIn New York City, the United States House of Representatives holds its first quorum and elects Frederick Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania as its first House Speaker.
April 1st, 1787 (April 01 1787)DeathFloyer Sydenham, English classical scholar (born in 1710)
April 1st, 1776 (April 01 1776)BirthSophie Germain, French mathematician (died in 1831)
April 1st, 1765 (April 01 1765)BirthLuigi Schiavonetti, Italian engraver (died in 1810)
April 1st, 1753 (April 01 1753)BirthJoseph de Maistre, French diplomat and writer (died in 1821)
April 1st, 1697 (April 01 1697)BirthAntoine Francois Prevost, French author and novelist (died in 1763)
April 1st, 1682 (April 01 1682)DeathFranz Egon of Furstenberg, Bavarian Catholic archbishop (born in 1625)
April 1st, 1647 (April 01 1647)BirthJohn Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, English poet (died in 1680)
April 1st, 1640 (April 01 1640)BirthGeorg Mohr, Danish mathematician (died in 1697)
April 1st, 1637 (April 01 1637)DeathNiwa Nagashige, Japanese warlord (born in 1571)
April 1st, 1621 (April 01 1621)DeathCristofano Allori, Italian painter (born in 1577)
April 1st, 1610 (April 01 1610)BirthCharles de Saint-Evremond, French soldier (died in 1703)
April 1st, 1580 (April 01 1580)DeathAlonso Mudarra, Spanish composer
April 1st, 1578 (April 01 1578)BirthWilliam Harvey, English physician (died in 1657)William Harvey Quotes
April 1st, 1572 (April 01 1572)EventIn the Eighty Years War, the Watergeuzen capture Brielle from the Spaniards, gaining the first foothold on land for what would become the Dutch Republic.
April 1st, 1543 (April 01 1543)BirthFrancois de Bonne, duc de Lesdiguieres, Constable of France (died in 1626)
April 1st, 1528 (April 01 1528)DeathFrancisco de Penalosa, Spanish composer
April 1st, 1340 (April 01 1340)EventNiels Ebbesen kills Gerhard III of Holstein in his bedroom, ending the 1332-1340 interregnum in Denmark.
April 1st, 1318 (April 01 1318)EventBerwick-upon-Tweed is captured by the Scottish from the English.
April 1st, 1220 (April 01 1220)BirthEmperor Go-Saga of Japan (died in 1272)
April 1st, 1205 (April 01 1205)DeathKing Amalric II of Jerusalem (born in 1145)
April 1st, 1204 (April 01 1204)DeathEleanor of Aquitaine, mother of Richard I of England and John of England
April 1st, 1132 (April 01 1132)DeathSt-Hugues, Bishop of Grenoble (born in 1053)
April 1st, 1085 (April 01 1085)DeathEmperor Shenzong of China (born in 1048)
April 1st, 0527 (April 01 0527)EventByzantine Emperor Justin I names his nephew Justinian I as co-ruler and successor to the throne.

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